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Troutdale Indoor Skatepark


July 30th & August 13th

5:30pm - 8:00pm

Call for more information 503-661-3455

Location: Troutdale, Oregon, about 15 miles east of PDX

Directions: From Portland, Take exit 17 off of I-84. Follow the road past the gas stations and truck stop to the next light. From here you turn left and go under the freeway, followed by one more left. Loop around so you are now heading west along the Troutdale Airport on your right and the freeway on your left. Get in the right lane, and follow the signs to Marine Dr. Once you branch to Marine Dr., take a left on Corporate Drive. Follow to the end of the road, the park is in the sports complex on the right.

Description: Back-to-Back Indoor Sport's very own Indoor Sk8park has been constructed with the highest quality ramps and designed for endless challenges in the 11,000 sq ft. sk8park. This park features a 5' half pipe, a large & a small fun box, handrail box, fly wedge, flat wedge, a large & a small streetspine, 2 small flat banks (2'8") & (3'6"), a large flat bank + platform, a 3'6" quarterpipe, a 6' quarterpipe and the only HIP of it's kind in North America!

Skateboarding, In-line Skating and BMX Bikes are all welcome here!!! Pricing will vary depending on what works best for you; from a one time 3 hour skate, to a full day of skating, seasonal & annual passes will be offered and as special offer, a limited number of life time membership pass will be sold. All skaters will be required to wear a helmet & sign a liability waiver before their first skating experience here at b2b. Then it's on!!!! Show off your 5-0 grind on the handrail box or stun the other skaters with your sick quarter-pipe tricks. Your card will be issued and you can skate to your heart's content without the worry of being skunked by bad weather!!

Special Comments: This is a great indoor park and is a short drive from the Portland area. You can be fairly challenged here and the park is smooth and fast. It contains mainly street elements such as banks, ledges, and rails, but also has a variety of quarter pipes of all different sizes. This park is a lot of fun and is a great alternative to outdoor parks when the weather doesn't cooperate. 4 OUT OF 5

Cost & Times:

All Day Session $10.00

Per Session - $5.00

New Park Calendar Including Special Sessions for BMX - Only & Skate - Only sss Summer Sk8park Hours sss (effective June 21st)

12:30pm – 10:30pm

Monday - Friday

10:00am - 10:30pm


NOON - 8:00pm



Monday & Thursday BIKES ONLY 8:00-10:30 Session

Tuesday & Wednesday SKATE ONLY 8:00pm-10:30pm Session

Friday’s Girls Skate "Free"

Saturday 12 & under ONLY 10:00am-12:30pm Session

Sunday 12 & under ONLY Noon - 3:00pm Session

Friday & Saturday Nights 13yrs & Up ONLY 8:00pm-10:30pm Session

"Summer Pass"

Jun/Jul/Aug $100.00

All Sessions run every 2 1/2 hours from opening

Private Party Rentals

Call 503-661-3455 for more information.

Small funbox with rail and small 4 ft. quarter, mini ramp (5ft.) right background

One of the small quarters (left), large quarter (right) and large funbox (center)

Bank with ledge on top

Large and small spines to left, kinked rail, large 6 ft. quarter center right, smaller quarters far right

Large spine and stair ledge in foreground, bank and portable boxes in background along with the mini ramp (taken from the hip)