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Sheridan Skatepark

Location Sheridan Skatepark in Oregon: Approximately a 45-minute drive west of Portland on your way to the ocean beaches.

Directions: Take I-5 South to Hwy 99 (Pacific Coast Hwy, Ocean Beaches). Take a left on to Hwy 18 Bi-pass. Go pass the McMinville Airport and take the first Sheridan exit. This puts you onto Main Street. Take a right before the last stoplight (as you are leaving the main drag). The skate park is located in the Sheridan City Park.

Description: This park is small but if you are in the area, it is something to skate. It is concrete with a quarter pipe and a pyramid. It also has grind rails and a six-foot quarterpipe.

Review: We actually did not drive out to this park to give it our review. From the information that we gathered from our customers, the locals largely use this park.

If you are on your way out to the ocean beaches this is worth the stop just to skate something different.

Special Comments: 2 OUT OF 5

Cost: Free