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Reedville Skatepark

Location Reedville Skatepark in Hillsboro: From Portland, take Hwy 26 west (about 15 mins) to the Cornelius Pass Rd. exit.  Head south on Cornelius Pass Rd. for about 2 miles.  You will come to Baseline Rd., there will be a shopping center on the right.  Stay on Cornelius Pass Rd. past Baseline for maybe another 1/4 mile.  The park will be visible on the right.  If you hit TV Hwy (Hwy 8), you have gone too far.

Description: Reedville Skatepark  this is another great park in Oregon for street skating.  It is very wide open and has a variety of banks, ledges of different heights/lengths, a double set (5 gap 5) with handrail, and a couple of euro gaps.  There is a bowl in the far corner, along with a 7-8ft quarter along the back wall.  Otherwise completely street.  Ledges here are beefier than at most parks, so be careful unless you a experienced.  There are smaller ledges to learn on as well.

Review: This is a great local park.  Obstacles are spaced out and big, which may make it harder for novices to keep their speed throughout the park.  However, it is a great street park, one of my favorites.  4.5 OUT OF 5

Special Comments: No bikes allowed!!  Don't come here with a bike or scooter, as the local police have nothing better to do than write $200 tickets at the skate park (Taxpayer money hard at work)  Pics coming soon!!

Cost: free