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Mt. Tabor Longboard and Street Luge

This is a great place to longboard or practice your street luge. There are two parts to Mt. Tabor. There is a service road which is mellow and closed to traffic all the time. Just watch for dogs off the leash. The second part to tabor is a nice windy road that is closed only on Wednesday. On Wednesday the whole park is closed to cars so you must walk.

Directions: Mt. Tabor is located in S.E. Portland. 60th and Salmon is the actual street to get to the park. The best way to get there would be to get on 60th at Division and then head north to Salmon street. Or go from Sandy blvd. Or Burnside and head south to Salmon.

Cost: Free. Just bring your legs and you're all set to go. Bring a helmet or this could happen to you (see pictures below)!!

The Daddies Board Shop crew usually shows up for longboarding on Wednesday. Want to know more or Demo longboards give them a call. 1.503.281.5123

Dieter, shown below, was downhill longboarding at Tabor with the Daddies crew in the summer of 2000. She was wearing a helmet (thankfully), and when we reached the sweeping curves above the long straight-away on the access road, a stray dog (off leash) ran out in front of her. She tried to avoid the dog, but lost control and slid face first on the road at about 25 miles per hour.

This is a major problem at Tabor, as many people do not think they need to leash their dogs. There is an off-leash zone at Tabor, but it is nowhere near the road. However, if you pay attention and wear protective gear, this can be avoided.