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Lincoln City Skatepark

Location and address: Lincoln City Oregon. Skatepark about 3 hours from Portland. To get there just go to lincoln city and head south down the main road. about a few miles into the city you will see a Dairy Queen on your left. Go left and follow the road past the park then on the left you will see the skate park.

Description: Dreamland has done it again, whipping out another butter-smooth creation. This park is fast with lots of lines to take. The shallower end (right of pic) leads downhill and U-turns into the deeper areas. Dreamland has also created a new covered portion adjacent to this park with an over-vert cradle. SICK!! A must skate.

Review: Great! 4.5 OUT OF 5

Special Comments: More pics coming soon!!

Cost: Free!

HOURS: Anytime