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The Dalles Skatepark

The Dalles, Oregon (skatepark about 1.5 hours east of Portland)

Directions:  Follow I-84 east to The Dalles, the park is behind the Safeway.

Description:  This park is made of wood ramps placed on a concrete pad.  There are quarter pipes and banks on either side of the park, with a funbox in the middle.  There is a flat rail and ledges, although some of the ledges are in need of repair.

Review: This is not a world-class park by any means, but is pretty fun to skate if you are in the area.  It can be coupled with a trip to the Hood River park, although you will probably prefer Hood River.  However, if you get skunked in Hood River due to a wet park, chances are The Dalles will be dry, and it is just 15 mins east.   2 OUT OF 5

Special Comments:  Pics coming soon!!

COST: Free