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Cannon Beach Skatepark

Location and address Skatepark: At the ocean in the town of Cannon Beach, approximately l.5 hours west of Portland, Oregon.

Directions: Take Highway 26 (to ocean beaches) west.  Follow the signs to Canon Beach (this is pretty much a straight shot out on west 26).  Take the first exit that says City Center.  Follow down the road (about l mile) until you see the skate park on your right.

Description: This park has been around for a very long time.  It first started out in a tennis court-like setting with nothing more than one concrete ramp.  As of this writing, not much more has been added.  There are only two small concrete bowls and then a lot of flat areas to skate around on.

Review:  This Park is definitely not worth the drive just to go skate Cannon Beach, but younger kids might enjoy goofing around on it.  There are a lot of shops located along the main drag (coffee houses, etc.) so you might want to wonder around Canon Beach while the little ones skate at the park.  ALSO A GOOD OPTION FOR WHEN THE SURF GOES STALE!!

Special Comments: 1 OUT OF 5

Cost: Free