The Celebration of Oregon's 150th year of statehood has officially ended

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Even at 150, Oregon should be forever young. We’re offering projects specifically for our youth – you know, those who don’t need coffee to feel energetic. Young leaders will go online to collaboratively create a vision of Oregon’s future, rehabilitate public parks, and actively participate in a policy-development process that will be carried out for the next 50 years. Our past is full of unique voices. Let’s nurture new ones for the future.

Oregon Events: October - November 2012

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  • Businesses Unite to Uphold PERS Reforms

    Four Oregon business associations have joined together to uphold PERS reforms made during the 2012 legislative session. Public employees unions sued to stop the changes that are expected to cut the $17 billion PERS unfunded liability by at least $9 billion over the next 25 years.

  • Track Performance of State Agencies From Your Computer

    The Oregon Progress Board has posted the performance reports of Oregon state agencies online. With one click you can view how each agency is progressing on its mission and key work.

  • Forest Sector Event Highlights Economic Opportunities in Oregon

    A recent symposium in Portland highlighted opportunities for Oregon's forest sector to enhance its contributions to Oregon's economy while preserving the state's environmental commitments.

  • Oregon License, Permit, and Registration Info Now Online

    With information available on over 1000 state licenses, permits, registrations, and certificates, Oregon has created the most comprehensive and accessible online license directory in the nation.

  • Senators, Governor Create Economic Task Forces

    As part of an unprecedented, bipartisan effort to move Oregon’s economy forward, Senators and Governor have announced the formation of three task forces charged with coordinating specific strategies to help shape Oregon’s economic future.

  • Agenda for December Leadership Summit Announced

    The Oregon-150 findings, and the recommendations drawn from these findings, will be presented at the Oregon Convention Center to a summit of Oregon leaders hosted by U.S. Senators.

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